DEFACE   Director/Writer/Editor/Producer

DEFACE is an award-winning short film that tells the story of Soo Young, a North Korean man who, after losing his family to starvation, risks his life to challenge the oppressive government by making his voice heard through the power of free expression. DEFACE has won many awards including a top prize at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival and Best Narrative Short at the Austin Film Festival, which qualified DEFACE for Oscar consideration for Best Short Film. By special request, DEFACE was screened for the National Assembly of South Korea during a conference concerning human rights issues in North Korea.

WOUNDED   Director/Editor

WOUNDED is an award-winning short film starring Joe Manganiello. WOUNDED premiered at the prestigious Palm Springs Festival of Shorts and won Best Short Film at the Big Island Film Festival.


Live Press Reveal for the new Venue from Hyundai. The live Reveal utilized cutting edge technology to create real-time Augmented Reality elements for the audience.


Ride along with one of Kia's top dealers as he experiences the all new, future forward electric EV6.


Martin Brinkerhoff & Associates takes you behind the scenes to see how they used the futuristic techniques of the XR stage to create the impressive video for Hyundai's new vehicle, the EV7.

HONDA PPO PROGRAM   Director/Editor

Two of SoCal's top Honda Dealers enlighten us on the benefits of Honda's truck accessories program.


Honda takes you inside their massive and highly esteemed Alabama Auto Plant to discuss past accomplishments, present challenges and future goals.


Live Press Reveal for the new, stylish, Vision T from Hyundai.

Kia Sorento Reveal    Creative Director/Editor

Live Press Reveal for the new, rugged Sorento from Kia. 

Disney's Rivers of Light    Lead Editor/Story Developer/Shoot Director

Years in the making, Disney's "Rivers of Light" is the first ever nighttime spectacle show to be presented on the famous lagoon of the Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. A combination of performers, shadow puppets, glowing animal floats, huge water screens, video, smoke, music and lasers, it truly is an epic feast for all of the senses.

MVE & Partners Anniversary Video   Director/Editor

Blind   Co-Director

Hyundai Asterisks   Director/Editor

Hyundai Veloster   Co-Director/Editor

Desert Son     Editor

Desert Son is an award-winning feature film directed by James Mann and Brandon Nicholas. The film was picked up and distributed by Shoreline Entertainment and is now available through Netflix.

Honda Pilot Reveal   Editor

The Year of Honda   Editor